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Welcome to Sticksonline.se! We are, as our name suggests, mainly specialized in hockey clubs of different kinds and their sales via the network. However, we also possess a solid knowledge of other hockey equipment in general and really sell everything you can think of within this category here on the site. We continuously follow the latest developments in the hockey world and are always updated about which hockey clubs and other types of hockey equipment that are currently preferred, whether you are senior or junior. Of course, we also look forward to constantly updating our own product range based on this information. That means you can be assured that you will easily be able to find the best that the market has to offer from our main suppliers Bauer, CCM and Warrior, also at a great price.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of knowledge and knowledge in hockey equipment. Large equipment is required, as young players often use several days a week. That's why we look forward to offering the best equipment on the market. Whether you are old, young, hobby players or professionals, we have all the equipment for you. Everything from helmets to skates, shelters, clubs and shafts in a wide range of sizes and features. It is nothing but the fact that the right kind of equipment makes a hockey player better, since small marginal improvements make a lot of effort in as fast and tough contact sports as hockey. Having said that, we do not in any way advocate that everyone should always strive for the most expensive hockey club or the latest hockey equipment on the market to perform on the ice. It's all about finding the one that really fits your own body and game style in the best way, something we're sure we can help you with!

Our goal is that all of those who are planning to buy hockey clubs or any other form of hockey equipment should see us as the obvious choice to turn to, something that we work hard every day to embrace. Those who order from us at Sticksonline.se can expect a safe and easy purchase, with fast delivery and the opportunity to contact us for consultation before, during and after their purchase.

In addition to hockey equipment for all levels, there is a wide range of team textiles and exercise clothes that breathe and maintain comfortable body temperature. With good-looking clothes, you can feel comfortable and focus entirely on ice hockey without limiting your movements

Great Prices & Wide Selection of Hockey Equipment & Gear .