Skates Bauer & CCM 
 Sticksonline sells quality skates from leading suppliers Bauer and CCM A good heel grip is important , both for comfort and for better skiing technique . The skates will be stable sideways , while they have a good flex forward, and a good padding around the ankles. 
A hard skate high demands on balance and muscle strength .
Try right size : Lace up the skates , push the front foot so that the toes reaching up to the toe box . There should be 5-10 mm space between the heel and back of the skate. 
If you are still growing , you have a little extra space , but not more than 15 mm . NOTE ! Do not buy too big skates, as this can give you unnecessary chafing and you lose both strenght and stability .. Tap then heel backwards to make you feel your heel . The forefoot and toes to be comfortable while you to have a grip around the foot for good lateral stability


Det vi inte kan om hockeyklubbor är inte värt att veta

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